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A Unique Opportunity

Soon, 15.7 million citizens will exercise their right to vote. They will stand up for their hopes and make their voices heard.
This election is a unique opportunity for Sri Lanka to continue to build a fair and prosperous future.
To achieve this, we must ensure that not one of Sri Lanka’s 6 million children are left behind.
Sri Lanka has lifted millions of families from extreme poverty. Mortality rates for children under 5 have been reduced drastically. Almost-universal primary school attendance for boys and girls has been achieved.
Yet, there are many children who still need our help to unlock their vast potential.
Every child in Sri Lanka must have equal opportunity to live a happy and healthy life and reach their full potential.
Sri Lanka’s next president will have the power and the responsibility to take action on behalf of the country’s 6 million children.
Ask ALL presidential candidates to commit now to tackling the 6 major issues that are holding our 6 million children back.
Act now, for the future of this generation and the future of Sri Lanka.


There are 6 major challenges facing Sri Lanka’s 6 million children, that must be addressed to unlock their immense potential:

1. Malnutrition
2. Education
3. Poverty
4. Physical Punishment
5. Peace and Inclusion
6. Climate Change
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1. End child malnutrition forever

including by increasing investment into community-based care and treatment of acute malnutrition.

2. Build an education system that prepares our young for the future,

including by ensuring that every school places the child at the centre.

3. Give every child a fair chance to succeed by ending child poverty

including through the establishment of a universal child benefit, as a concrete means to smoothing disparities, eliminating child poverty, and ensuring the right start in life for all children.

4. Ban damaging physical punishment against children

including by legally and explicitly prohibiting any act of physical force or humiliating action while promoting and implementing positive methods of disciplining children.

5. Create an inclusive and peaceful Sri Lanka for all

including through putting the National Action Plan on Education for Social Cohesion and Peace into action.

6. Fight climate change and prepare Sri Lanka for its effects

including by prioritizing the conservation and restoration of forests, wetlands and other ecosystems and ensuring all government ministries consider the environmental impact of future programmes, while supporting climate change adaptation.

Agenda for Children

Learn more about the 6 major challenges facing Sri Lanka’s 6 million young people.

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22285 Already Signed